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Project Description:


Shipware is a successful owner-driven sales and delivery company that had no time or resources to finalize their growth plan and execute.


VoloHaus implemented a Revenue Machine™ process for the company, that included a 9 month Fractional CRO position.


  • Hired VP of sales and 9 sales team members.
  • Researched and vetted digital agency to revamp and optimize website.
  • Purchase and optimization of SalesForce.
  • Implemented meeting & tradeshow matrices.
  • Created the ideal buyer persona.
  • Developed winning lead generation process.
  • Triple digit growth rate.
  • Earned Inc. 5000, Best Place to Work, and SDBJ Fastest Growing.

Shipware engaged team VoloHaus to create a revenue machine. Their external & internal process modules were both enlightening and effective. In a matter of weeks, Shaun and his team quickly handled the entire process – and with minimal time from our team. VoloHaus revolutionized how we run our business. With their help we have developed a winning sales & marketing plan, hired top of the line sales professionals using the unique VoloHaus hiring process, and have optimized an array of new tools – all leading to a significant increase in sales. If you want to grow, I highly recommend you work with VoloHaus.

Rob Martinez, CEO & Co-Founder
Rob Martinez, CEO & Co-Founder