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Prior to working with VoloHaus, ChefsBest was suffering from declining revenue, a disjointed sales process, and discord among the management team.  We purchased the company out of receivership, and needed to begin from the beginning.


VoloHaus helped clarify business goals, and put a culture of revenue generation in place. Gaining a real understanding of current employees, customers and the market, we created and entirely new sales process beginning from Step 1.


Sales at ChefsBest have increased by 400%, and they now have a clear set of metrics for evaluating progress. Staff is more motivated, morale is improved, and ChefsBest is enjoying a clear vision for the future.

Since beginning work with VoloHaus our sales have increased by 400%, we have developed a clear plan, and have a set of metrics for evaluating how we are progressing. We are enjoying managing a more motivated staff, and we have a clear vision for the future.

Lisa Ligouri
Lisa Ligouri
CEO, ChefsBest