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Are “Good Vibes” the Key to More Sales?

Are “Good Vibes” the Key to More Sales?

May 16, 2022

A lot of Hollywood films and TV shows portray the rich salesperson as the ultimate D-bag. You know the type—fast talking, slimy, full of bad personal habits.

But in reality, I have met zero long-term successes in business who were truly jerks. Real jerks tend to burn out after a couple years. Either that or legitimate people simply stop doing business with them.

In fact, I am finding that the opposite is true. The better the “vibes” are around a person, the more successful they tend to be as salespeople.

The losers tend to complain and blame their failures on everything from the economy to their product to their managers. The have some sour dispositions going on and are annoying to be around. They take shortcuts—sometimes unethical ones.

The winners find a way to create sales and make money, and rarely complain about much. They give all they have to keep customers happy.

What’s the difference?


It’s that little voice inside your head. It’s either positive or negative, and that’s largely UNDER YOUR CONTROL!

Your self-talk and habits will make or break you.

One of our client’s reps is closing EVERYTHING he touches. I asked him why.

He said, “positive energy and good vibes.”

When I asked him to clarify what the heck he was talking about, he said that he shifted his self-talk from negative to positive and that helped him create better habits.

He started to feel more respect for his body and mind and quit drinking. Started eating well, rather than satisfy cravings or try to feel full all day. He “closed his eating window” by 6 p.m.

He also started focusing on sleeping earlier and getting more rest. That meant a dark, quiet room with no screens or blue light from his phone.

He takes 2 minutes before a call to meditate on the vision and intention he wants. He puts himself in the customer’s shoes and adopts a “servant’s mindset,” meaning he is there to solve the customer’s problem not his own quota.

He communicates clearly and concisely with good open-ended questions to really get to the bottom of a prospect’s issues, because he has decided to CARE.

In other words, he’s adopted a wholistic approach that not only includes how he relates to customers but also optimizes his own mental and physical health, so he performs at his best.

Be a servant

I was inspired by this guy, honestly. Especially his view of truly serving others.

What changes could happen in your business with a change in mindset? Would your customers and employees value you more? Would you possibly make more money due to the “raving fans” you could create?

How can you better serve others today? Right now?

To that end, I have been looking at how I serve people. At VoloHaus, our offering isn’t cheap. But its transformational, so is worth every penny. We’ve never had a client company fail to make more money using our system.

However, in order to reach and serve more people, I have lowered the barrier to entry into the VoloHaus family. This is something I have never offered before, and since I don’t like to “sell” via posts like this, you can check out all the details here.

I’m very excited about it and hope you are too if you have always wanted to “test the waters” with VoloHaus but didn’t want to invest a lot of cash upfront. It’s an awesome deal!

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Looking forward to connecting! – Shaun