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6 Steps to Stick to Your New Year’s Diet (and meet your Revenue Goals!)

6 Steps to Stick to Your New Year’s Diet (and meet your Revenue Goals!)

January 3, 2022

It’s a New Year! That means that health clubs are about to get PACKED with people who have resolved to lose weight. Sadly, most of these folks will quit by February and go back to their old couch potato or over-indulging habits.

Why is it SO HARD to stick to our carefully thought-out New Year’s diet resolutions?

And why do so many of us have the same problem with our BUSINESS plans and goals?

It’s all about discipline, consistency, and making new habits part of your regular lifestyle. Here’s 6 steps to achieve this.

  1. Dream Big

Go ahead and picture yourself with your ideal body – whether that be a massive Schwarzenegger physique or a ripped “Linda Hamilton in Terminator.” Even if it seems unrealistic now, you need fix an ideal in your mind as a goal.

In business, perhaps your current plan is to double your revenue. But why not go bigger: how about 10X? That way, you are truly planning for abundance.

  1. Celebrate the small wins

In dieting, these are known as “non-scale victories.” This could mean that your clothes fit better, or that you haven’t skipped a workout in six weeks. NSVs provide motivation even when the scale doesn’t move.

In growing revenue, celebrate each small victory as well. This could mean recovering a customer who went with a competitor or getting a new hire on the sales team. Set aside a portion of your income to be used for rewards for yourself and staff.

  1. Track your progress

Dieters normally use an app or spreadsheet to track progress and make changes if they hit a plateau. Businesses also track their metrics, but sometimes they ignore a few they should pay more attention to.

While “revenue” or “gross income” is easy enough to track, you should also track sub-metrics like “number of sales presentations made,” “marketing emails sent,” and other KPIs which indicate the health of your revenue growth machine and PREDICT revenue.

  1. Pivot as needed

Anyone trying to lose weight must adjust their course so they are always headed in the right direction. Perhaps you start with the keto diet and after a while you realize it’s not working for you, but that you CAN stick to Intermittent Fasting. Make the switch!

In business, winds can change quickly and you may need to make some adjustments to your PLAN, PEOPLE, PROCESS, or PLATFORM to take advantage of an opportunity to make more money. If growth isn’t happening, change what you are doing.

  1. Get back on the horse

Here is where things go wrong for most people on diets. They make a mistake–either they stuff themselves with pizza and beer one weekend or miss a couple of weeks’ worth of workouts. That leads to guilt or a feeling that they can never catch up to their goal now–so they will give up.

Successful people simply acknowledge they’ve had a setback and pick up where they left off.

Your company might have a lousy month or quarter where you go off-plan. It could be so bad that you forget your plan entirely. Just dig it up to refresh your memory and get back on track.

  1. Have an accountability partner

Everyone needs some third-party accountability to force you to meet your goals and keep you on track. This could be a workout buddy or personal trainer. When you feel that external pressure, you are much likelier to push through negative inertia and hit the gym.

The same goes for business. Work with a coach or mentor who will help you develop your plan and keep your business on track for growth.

Here’s to your health and success in 2022! Contact me if there is anything I can do for you or you want to run your plan by me—no obligation nor heavy sales pitch, just a friendly ear!

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