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VoloHaus Clients Continue to Kick Ass

VoloHaus Clients Continue to Kick Ass

September 12, 2017

What a fantastic year 2017 has proven to be so far for VoloHaus and our clients! I hope it’s been great for you too.

If not, call me. I can probably help you, maybe even as much as the 66 rock star clients who I helped get onto two prestigious business lists this year.

Yep. SIXTY-SIX VoloHaus clients made it to either the Inc 5000 or the San Diego Business Journal’s 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies lists for 2017. More than one in five on the San Diego list were my customers…that’s crazy!

One of these clients who I wanted to recognize publicly is Shipware, LLC. These guys are a consulting and technology firm which helps some of the world’s biggest shippers save money on shipping costs. Demand is such that they have grown from 8 to 25 employees, with revenue climbing 525% in the past three years to $8.9 million.

Now, let me be clear that my engagement with them began after they were already on their way to success. I am simply helping them maintain that trajectory and deliver a Revenue Machine. But I love their culture and what they do for their customers. So, I wanted to give them a quick shoutout and also share with you their testimonial.

This is what CEO Robert Martinez and President Trevor Outman had to say:

 “VoloHaus has impressed us all.  VoloHaus has helped Shipware prepare for our next stage of growth with a sales and marketing plan, external and internal research, competitive and market analyses, implementing the Net Promoter Survey, helping us hire seven sales professionals, Salesforce optimization, lead generation, and much more. We would highly recommend VoloHaus to any company seeking to supercharge their revenue growth.” 

Very kind words, and knowing I am playing some part in their future success makes what I do very worthwhile.

I’ve built businesses; several of them in fact. And I’ve experienced both the pain of no sales and the benefits of strong revenue. Revenue seemed to magically solve most of our problems, so I devoted myself to learning all I could about building Revenue Machines. I am passing that knowledge onto business leaders interested in growing bigger faster.

You might think your own revenue machine is working, but are you sure it can’t do better? Let me diagnose what you have – free, quickly, and with little effort. There may be room to optimize, and you will be very happy you did.

VoloHaus is the only revenue growth company which guarantees a positive outcome, or you don’t pay. We have not had a single failure to date.

Let’s chat about your business. Contact me at shaun@old.volohaus.com or call 760.815.4464 to reach me right away.