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Absolutely Priceless - The Power Words Which Matter Most in Social Media

Absolutely Priceless – The Power Words Which Matter Most in Social Media

September 3, 2020

Anyone with an interest in sales and marketing success, which should literally be everyone reading this, knows that social media marketing is still HOT.

I also know that many reading this don’t do much of it!

One of the excuses is time, as in not enough. Another is lack of riveting topics to post about.

So social media marketing in most small and midsize businesses is relegated to an assistant, who has a million other tasks on their plate.

But STOP! The real “why” of this low priority, indifferent treatment of social media marketing is really only this:


If it worked, you would do it. But everyone has dipped their toes and created a few posts, written some blogs, yada yada, and given up after exactly 1.5 months.

If this is you, read on for a fix.

The first thing I want you to do is start writing posts based on a hot topic or TREND that lots of people are searching for in your niche, so you capitalize on that traffic.

How do you find topics?

Well, exactly how I do it is a SECRET, but I can give you one super easy shortcut method:

1. Go to Google Trends and type in a search term related to your niche or industry. For example “real estate”

2. Peruse the “Related queries” section. Note you can sort by “Rising” or “Top.” Check both.

3. Pick one of these keywords and write a post around it, using the term in the title and body. NOTE: “Rising” are trending topics while “Top” are evergreen topics.

The next thing I want you to do is inject some POWER WORDS into the headline, as these are what will activate the brain and cause more people to view your content.

What are power words?

These are emotionally impactful words that trigger strong feelings, and therefore interest.

Which are you going to click on:

Queen of England Raises Eyebrows with Comments

Scandalous Queen of England Boldly Insults Prince

The SECOND one is saying the same thing, but look at how the power words “scandalous,” “boldly” and “insults” make you feel. Totally different vibe.

There are thousands of possible power words, but here is an excellent cheat sheet with some of the most important and impactful ones perfect for social media, blogs and websites: https://blog.fomo.com/power-words/

So after you have written your post based on a hot topic, go back and inject some of these miraculous words in the headline and body and watch your social media marketing results skyrocket!

Share this post with anyone on your team doing social media and every colleague who could use the data – I am positive they will appreciate it.

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