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Digitaria had grown to be a top tier Digital Agency in an impressively short period of time. They were purchased by JWT and needed to keep the momentum going.  They were in a position of reactionary activity as opposed to focused, planned, strategic growth decisions.


VoloHaus analyzed sales performance to date, as well as each department’s role in revenue generation. We developed a sustainable strategy for managing growth staffing appropriately.


  • Awareness of the process and constraints.
  • Reorganization of teams and focus on sales.
  • Creation of a more focused and aligned sales & marketing process, resulting in record breaking revenue numbers.

Digitaria has been the fastest growing, most profitable agency in the JWT/WPP family—and we felt pressure about how, exactly, we’d maintain our momentum. VoloHaus helped us understand what was holding us back so we could put a realistic, sustainable plan in place. Their process works.

Doug Hecht
Doug Hecht
President/COO, Digitaria