We help business owners and executives accelerate growth.

For an ecosystem to thrive, all elements must be in balance.

Unleash your constraints with our proven process.

1. Understand the Playing Field

Utilizing our proprietary PreSearch™ methodology, we begin with Market Research, Competitive Analysis/Secret Shopping and other tools to review your industry and competitive environment.

2. Put the Right Strategy in Place

Address the questions every solid sales organization has answered: Why, Why now? and Why Us?

  • What buyers are ready? Focus strategy on those who will be profitable, desirable clients—and are most likely to buy.
  • What do your buyers want? Develop a winning sales strategy from their perspective, focused on differentiators that will matter to them.
  • Develop smart goals tied to specific activities.
  • Put a plan in place to test and review regularly.

3. Develop Systems that Work

Sales is an ecosystem. We look at the four main components:

  • Plan - What are your goals and how are you going to get there?
  • People – Do we have the right people in the right roles? If not, employ VoloHaus’ proven, proprietary process for hiring the best business development people around.
  • Process - Can you repeat success over and over? Do you a good system to Attract, Retain and Refer?
  • Platform - Customize your CRM to mimic your sales process and deliver the reporting needed to track and win.

4. Build a Skilled Management Team

Put skilled resources in place with both hard & soft skills. We’ll see where experience is missing and how to best use your existing team, sometimes including VoloHaus teammates serving in fractional roles (vp sales, director of sales, sales manager) and CEO coaching. VoloHaus also hires, trains and provides outsourced sales functionality, as needed.

5. Fund It

Sometimes money is the constraint. We bring knowledge and experience to avoid wasting time and energy with the wrong people and the wrong capital facility. You will gain access to our trusted relationships and capital markets that are not available anywhere else.